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Pediatric Sleep Consulting


Committed to your results. 
What sets me apart.


Direct access to Adela via unlimited text and scheduled calls

Given Adela's proven track record on her Google Reviews, you will get the same results with her customized, 1-1 private sleep coaching to ensure that you receive the best experience. When you choose to work with Sleepy Baby Coach, know that you are choosing quality, compassion and excellence. 


Results in 3 days

The secret behind Adela's success with hundreds of babies and seeing them transform their sleep in 3 days is her attention to detail. Her customized sleep plans optimize your baby's naps, environment, feeds and schedule while paying attention to your child's temperament, developmental milestones and current sleep habits. She is here to see you succeed.


Custom approach to overnight feeds

Sleep training your child does not mean we need to compromise your child's overnight feed if they still need it. This is especially true for parents with babies who are 4-9 months of age and want to sleep train. 

Ready to sleep?
Follow the 4 steps below.

Get started with Sleepy Baby Coach's baby sleep training support. In four easy steps, you'll be well on your way to better sleep for your little one. Are you prepared to begin the process? If so, let's dive in together! 

Your go-to
pediatric sleep consultant

Exceptional Quality

Breastfeeding friendly (can keep night feeds if your child needs them)

Give your child 10-12 hours of overnight sleep and predictable naps

Learn how to travel with your sleep trained baby

Enjoy your baby's bedtime

Happy, rested baby

Get your evenings back

Add-On Features


Customization is key when it comes to supporting families through the sleep training process. Here are some add-on features you can consider adding to your Standard or Premium sleep package.  By incorporating these add-on features into your customized sleep package, you can feel confident that you're receiving comprehensive support tailored to your family's unique needs and circumstances.


For parents and families who may want instantaneous text message support throughout bedtime or overnight, you will find varying level. I will walk you through each night waking and ensure you learn how to best respond to your child in each scenario. 

Let me know if you'd like to explore any of these options further or if there's anything else I can assist you with!

Bedtime Text Bundle (5 consecutive nights)

$350 + GST

5:30pm till baby falls asleep that same night

Overnight Text 

$300 + GST

5:30pm till 7:30am next day for one night

Overnight Text Bundle
(5 consecutive nights)

$1000 + GST

5:30pm till 7:30am next day for 5 consecutive nights

In-Home Consultation

$200 + GST

Location specific, please inquire

In-Home Half Night 

$400 + GST

6pm till 7:30am next day for one night

Sleep Training Results

baby sleep consulting in Vancouver, Calgary, Seattle, Bellevue and worldwide!

Rex, Vancouver BC (5.5mo old)

We have our first child and since the sleep regression started at 4th month, it had been very struggle to put our baby down to sleep at night. It came to a point where we could not continue with our lifestyle we wanted, then we found Adela. The first phone call we did not expect we could get much out of it but we decided to sign up after speaking with Adela. Her knowledge about baby sleep is incredible and she worked with the way we preferred. She has been patient and helpful. we were too anxious to start the process but once we settled with it, we saw results pretty much instantly. Our baby could sleep longer at night, sleep better for naps. We regret that we did not start it earlier! Better sleep means better health for baby. I will recommend sign up for the premium package if you are thinking of doing it, the extra $ is totally worth it!

Tatiana, Vancouver (4.5mo old)

I highly recommend Adela as a baby night sleep and nap consultant as she showed unparalleled expertise and empathy. She took the time to understand our baby's unique sleep patterns, crafting a personalized sleep plan that was both practical and effective. What is more, her daily support was amazing as we could address the issues right away. She provided us with clear and easy-to-follow strategies, and she also encouraged us during the hard days. Thank you Adela!!!

Mona, Vancouver BC (5.5mo old)

sleep training success

Connor, Vancouver BC (9mo old)

Our experience with Adela Sleepy Baby Coach was nothing short of amazing. In just 10 days, she worked wonders with our baby boy, helping him develop healthy sleep habits with minimal tears. Adela's gentle and effective approach to sleep training has profoundly impacted our family's quality of life. We now have a well-rested baby, and as a result, we are all happier and more energized during the day. Adela's expertise, patience, and dedication to creating a customized plan for our little one made all the difference. We highly recommend Adela Sleepy Baby Coach to any parent in need of a sleep solution for their child. Thank you, Adela, for transforming our nights and bringing peace to our household.

Moranne, Vancouver (20mo old)

I can’t say enough good things about Adela! I thought we were a lost cause, my 20 months old was refusing to sleep on her own, took so long to get her to sleep every night and she would wake up 4-5 times on a “good night”- sometimes staying awake for over an hour! Within the first week with Adela my daughter started falling asleep on her own, and now she sleeps through the night, without waking up even once! Naps are so easy now as well, and I know what to do in case things do not go according to plan. Adela not only customized and tweaked a sleep plan for us, but she also gave emotional support and encouragement which is something we really needed. I’m so so grateful for your help Adela!

Alicia, Vancouver BC (8mo old)

We are so pleased with the results of working with Adela. We started when our baby was 8 months and wish we had hired her sooner. We went from co-sleeping and feeding throughout the night, to our baby in her own crib and sleeping through the night immediately. Over the next few weeks we worked on adjusting nap times which we previously had no schedule. Adela was quick to answer any questions and offer excellent suggestions that worked. She's extremely knowledgeable. We are happy and rested parents. Thank you!

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